Tartarus Rock

by Jeff Price

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Summoned from the underworld We've come leave you deaf So bow down before The deities of death Abandon all hope Your judgment is at hand A million watts of rock Will kill you where you stand And if you don't like it Then you can suck my cock 'Cause you can't stop it 'Cause we're Tartarus Rock! Persephone F. Wields a deadly axe And The Cerberus Has drums he's gonna bash Deathly Charon Corpse Is our grim bass player And killing with just my voice- I'm Hades Hellrazer! So despair all mortals Your souls are forgone And submit your ears To the chthonic parthenon 'Til all is lost! ('Til all is lost!) 'Til all is lost! ('Til all is lost!) 'Til all is lost! ('Til all is lost!) Tartarus Rock! Tartarus Rock! Tartarus Rock! Huh!
The monster that devours the masses The people destroyed by that wrath They are crying out for justice They're calling out for a blood bath A million wounds have been inflicted And a million wounds will be returned Now we summon the executioner Because this trial's been adjourned Ah-! Kind ones, A grave sin has been committed, A guilty soul walks free on this earth, And sleeps easily at night. Kind ones, This person has wronged us, And we are powerless to right it. So we're begging, for your help. Angry ones- Right what they have wronged! Rend their flesh, shatter their bones! Give them no rest until they've paid for what they've done! Angry ones! Do not let them escape your wrath! Impose the dark justice they deserve! Rain unending fury on their head! Angry ones! Exact Your Vengeance!
So I reach my twelfth and true final labor, My penance for my darkest sin and deepest regret. I must make you submit, dear Cerberus, And bring you back to the land of the living. It won't return my family to life, Or even ease my suffering, But it will please the gods. So Cerberus, you will submit. Through the grace of Persephone, And by the strength of my bare hands, Cerberus, You will submit. When was your last real fight? Now stuck at your post Fight a solid man Instead of barking at ghosts And what did you do To get bound to this gate? It must have been grave To befall such a fate Don't judge me A mere mortal unarmed No one makes that mistake And continues unharmed You've got three heads? I've dealt with more But I bet if I cut one off You can't grow back yours Legend says most monsters Were birthed by your mother Then chances are that I've killed some of your brothers And if your mother bore These monsters through vile trysts Then she must be The ugliest woman to exist I'll choke three necks at once Force three heads to bow Bite me with your dragon tail But I've got you now! Submit! Submit! Submit! My cousin's gonna regret ever asking for you, Hmph... Don't worry, I'll bring you back.
Orpheus, the musician, Made the forest come to life, Just to hear his compositions, And wanted Eurydice for his wife. "Eurydice, this is no whim, I love you every way." And how could she resist him, When she heard him play? A secluded cottage by lake, Blissful days as newlyweds, Until she was taken by snake, To the land of the dead. "I'll go to death's lair And bring her back to day." And Charon had to waive his fare, When he heard him play. "Be careful, lovesick child, You're risking Hades' wrath." But Orpheus, he merely smiled, And continued on his path. Cerberus, three headed hellhound, The bard's flesh he wished to flay, But the beast let him around, When he heard him play. Orpheus begged with Hades: "Please set my sweet wife free. The early taken lady, I wither without Eurydice." Hades' heart was hard, In the land of darkest gray, But light shone in the graveyard, When he heard him play. Hades' voice, a deepest black, Said, "I know what it is to love. And if you don't look back, You may both return above." Orpheus sang a new tune, As he exited from hell, But still looked back too soon, And heard only a faint "farewell."
Rest now- Help is here to lift the load, No need to stubbornly hold, It's okay, to let go. Ease now- To live is to suffer, Now there's no need to endure, This pain, will never, recur. Sleep in the field of poppies, Rest until the end of time. The worst part is now finished, Everything else will be fine. The torch is reversed, And the shade hears the lullaby. Escort endless streams of souls, As the ocean of butterflies. Yes I'm the Great Thanatos. When life becomes chronic, I give a chthonic, Tonic dose! And the last haircut you'll ever need. I deal in death, But a bad hand most are agreed. Bring on the poor and the rich, I'll drink from their ditch, You need no coin with me. Line up the infants and old, I'll drag them to the cold, Down where it's too dark to see. Call on the women and men, I don't care 'bout first sin, From this clumsy flesh you'll soon be free. I'll meet the evil and good, They've done what they could, But it all makes no difference to me. For I am the Great Thanatos! But for my labor and humor, Gods and mortals would sooner, Pluck their eyes than meet with me. For following Atropos orders, And doing the job I was born for, I lack solace and company. So yes, I'm the great Thanatos, My days are spent on the ghosts, And I'm exhausted by the hate and misery. Fine! I don't need love! Fear and hate me, And save your prayers. I ignore all pleas. Your death comes, inevitably! The gods that just hate me, Their immortality's untrue, So I'm gonna to kill one, 'Cause it's time they knew, That they, should fear me, too! But that's not true, I don't hate what I do... It's a mercy to the living, For who living lacks suffering? So drink the Stygian panacea, 'Cause it's the mortals' ambrosia. A new existence in the depths, Besides life has no meaning without death! So pour on your hate, All that and more I can take. This crucial labor divine, Is gladly done for all time! But I'll still kill a god, Just to break the immortal facade. Then take these butterflies... Under my wing- 'Cause together we sing- Off to Erebus we go- For I am the Great Thanatos!
Typhon Arise 05:13
Vain Olympians in their tower, Make toys of mortals with their power. Cause careless carnage with petty fights, Keep their crushed elders caged out of spite. Gaia sees the damage and dungeon, Thus she births the last Tartarean son. Typhon- Typhon- Typhon- Typhon Arise! Typhon, Typhon, make your mother proud, Defeat the deathless ones up in the clouds. Typhon, Typhon, you're the brightest one, You outshine all Olympians. Typhon, Typhon, you will take the throne, And rule the world in a way that I condone. Do what your mother said- Do what your mother said! Typhon- Typhon- Typhon- Typhon Arise! Stand so tall that your head scrapes the stars, (Though you're walking on the sea floor) A hundred throat roar sends gods afar. (They know they cannot win this war) Reach across shores and uproot mountains, (And rain down your earthborn assault) Flood flame and venom from your fountains. (No god extant can make you halt) Let our hope be your shining nimbus, (The power lies with you alone) Last son of Gaia, ascend Olympus! (Last son of Tartarus, claim your throne!) Typhon- Typhon- Typhon- Typhon Arise!
Dying 02:58
Everyone's afraid to die, To meet that final end, But no one lives forever, So why should we pretend? So drink the Styx with me, And let us swear an oath, That we will die together, Or at least that's what I hope. 'Cause no one lives forever, So what's the point in trying? It comes to everyone, So let's cut to the dying. So we write the final chapter, Close the book for the last time, The coin's under our tongue, And we all say goodbye! 'Cause no one lives forever, So what's the point in trying? It comes to everyone, So let's cut to the dying. 'Cause no one lives forever, So what's the point in trying? It comes to everyone, So let's cut to the dying-


released May 12, 2017


all rights reserved



Jeff Price California

Jeff Price is a singer/songwriter heavily influenced by early Queen. Firmly believing that “More is better,” his songs feature full rock bands, choirs, and orchestras in multi-sectioned songs with layered instrumentation, all recorded and produced by himself. ... more

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